Historic Documentation Company, Inc. (HDC) is a cooperative organization of specialized Historic Preservation consultants.

We offer the field of Historic Preservation a high level of tailored service, product and expertise. Our principals and associates include:

  • Historic Preservation Specialists

  • Architectural Historians

  • Industrial, Military, and Maritime Historians

  • Architectural Photographers

  • Historical Architects

  • Historical Structural Engineers

  • Preservation Tourism and Marketing Specialists

  • Preservation Education and Media Specialists.


Historic Documentation Company, Inc. conducts historic preservation studies, and prepares reports and permitting documents pertaining to historically significant buildings and structures.

HDC determines the historic significance of properties and their eligibility for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

HDC conducts careful research and analysis, and presents findings in concise reports.

Our typical clients are federal, state and local agencies, organizations and developers with activities involving historic properties under their ownership or control who must comply with federal, state or local historic preservation laws.

Our work involves: