HABS/HAER Documentations
Historic American Building Survey
Historic American Engineering Record

The National Park Service (NPS) HABS/HAER program documents important architectural, engineering and industrial sites with measured drawings, large-format photographs and a written history.

HABS was created by NPS in 1933 as make-work program for architects, draftsmen and photographers jobless during the Great Depression. HAER was established in 1969 to document significant engineering and industrial sites. More at NPS HABS/HAER Website.

HABS/HAER documentation materials conform to strict format and archival specifications. See NPS Guidelines for Architectural & Engineering Documentation

Historic Properties facing demolition or other adverse effects are commonly documented to HABS/HAER Standards to satisfy mitigation requirements.

Historic Documentation Company, Inc. prepares:

  • HABS/HAER Documentations to Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 Standards

  • Large format black & white archival photographs in 4x5, 5x7 & 8x10 negative sizes

  • Measured drawings to archival standards on Mylar

  • Historical reports written by experienced, NPS qualified architectural, engineering and industrial historians

We have prepared more than 200 Historic Property Documentations to HABS/HAER and State-Level standards for most building and structure types including:

bridges, barracks, wharves, water towers, signal towers, piers, power plants, jails, grist mills, schools, hospitals, hangars, factories, churches, post offices, pumping stations, apartments, submarines, dwellings, train stations, subway stations, Quonset huts, freight depots,  farm buildings, breweries, pork packing plants, iron furnaces, treatment plants, seacoast batteries, coal tipples, court houses, gas compressor stations, drying sheds, general stores, Butler buildings, stadiums, train sheds, transfer bridges, fuel tanks, veteran's homes,  scale houses, trestles, and tunnels.  

Featured Projects

HABS/HAER Projects
Historic American Building Survey
Historic American Engineering Record

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Recently Completed
Pulaski Skyway, High-Level Viaduct, Jersey City to Newark, NJ
The Pulaski Skyway (also shown in banner photo above) is New Jersey's best known  engineering landmark. Part of the 13.2 mile "Diagonal Highway" stretching from the Holland Tunnel to Elizabeth, it was unprecedented in its concept and size, being the largest highway viaduct in the world when completed in 1932. A masterpiece of  engineering design and construction, it was also good-looking and won the Most Beautiful Bridge of the Year Award. For RBA Inc., and NJDOT.  Project Sheet coming soon!

Recently Completed
Electrical Substation, Newark Penn Station, Newark, NJ
Located in the basement level of the station, this substation represented the state of the electrical engineering art when it was completed in 1935. For Arch2, Inc. and New Jersey Transit. For additional project information see Newark Penn Substation HAER Project Sheet

DL&W Railroad Stations & Viaduct, East Orange, Orange & South Orange, NJ
 Built by the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western, 1915 to 1922, the elevated reinforced concrete station platforms and approach viaducts were technically advanced for their day. The massive project ranks as one of the most expensive and historically important railroad grade separation projects undertaken in the early 20th century. Comprehensive HAER documentations were prepared for each station. For additional project information see DL&W HAER Project Sheet

HABS/HAER Projects by Richard Casella posted thus far in the Library of Congress Online Collection

HABS/HAER Projects by Rob Tucher posted thus far in the Library of Congress Online Collection