Maritime & Waterfront Projects

Historic Documentation Company, Inc. provides survey, assessment, & documentation of historic  waterfront  and maritime resources. Our experience extends to: 

  • Port and harbor structures including piers, wharves, breakwaters

  • Shore side buildings, equipment and structures including cranes, conveyors, derricks, pump houses, pier sheds

  • Shipyard facilities, dry-docks, marine railways 

  • Historic vessel documentation including measured drawings.

Featured Projects

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19th Century Naval Stone Piers and Wharves
During the 19th century the US Navy constructed  permanent piers and wharves at their yards, bases and stations using heavy granite masonry. Early examples were built to exacting designs, materials & workmanship specified by French engineering consultants. Based on the early models, the practice continued up until the 20th century when the marine use of concrete and steel became more economical. Naval waterfront structures in ME, RI, and MD have been evaluated for National Register eligibility. Pictured is the Pier at Newport Naval Hospital Historic District.

Department of Docks Pier A, Battery Park, NYC
HDC principals carried out the documentation of the history and engineering of Pier A, a 120-year old landmark occupying the southernmost pier location in Manhattan at the Battery. Built by the Department of Docks, it was the administrative center for the transformation of the New York waterfront from an anarchic collection of primative wharves to highly engineered bulkheads and piers to facilitate the regulation of dockage. For Pier A Associates, Inc. Read the report: Pier A Engineering Study.

Historic Ships & Vessels
Experience includes HAER documentations, National Register listing, and historic significance evaluations of more than 60 vessels including the nuclear submarines USS Nautilus and USS George Washington, WWII warships, midget submarines, supertankers, merchant ships, and ferries.

Banner Photo Note: Modern Freighter ca. 1917: Chelsea Pier Sheds, NYC.