Somersworth New Hampshire
Hilltop Historic District Resurvey Project

Historic Documentation Company, Inc. has recently completed the resurvey of sixty-two historic properties within the Hilltop Historic District located in the City of Somersworth New Hampshire. The project involved archival digital and film photography of the mostly nineteenth-century properties within the district and preparation of comprehensive digital inventory forms integrated into a searchable database of architectural and historical information for use by the Somersworth Historic District Commission.

The Hilltop Historic District has a dense collection of well-preserved and richly detailed properties. A few elements are shown above located on the 1892 map.


The Hilltop Historic District as seen in the 1877 Bird's eye view map.

Boys working in the Great Falls Mfg. Co., Somersworth, 6 p.m. May 18, 1909.
Lewis Wickes Hine, photographer. [Library of Congress #LC-DIG-NCLC-01756].

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